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 200 Python code snippets free
For the last 18 months or so I have been carefully collecting Python code snippets
that are useful to me, and therefore beginners to intermediate coders.

The snippets cover a huge variety of topics from simply opening a webpage to
GUI's, web scraping and opencv and they all do something useful that you can build
on or around, great for when you can't think of a project to start.

There is a full list of every snippet here:

You can download zip files of the first 100 and 2nd 100 from the links.
The zips are about 3meg each and are stored on MediaFire, so are free.
You may want to use an Ad-Blocker.

I constantly refer to these snippets to help write my projects and
think any beginner would benefit from having this collection in their coding arsenal.
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Thanks, i´ll definitely have a look what you have collected there.
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Very cool, thank you so much for the share, you rock!
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Thank you, I'll have a look at these snippets.
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