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 A question about python in Raspberry
Good day community! this is my first post and i need to say something before start: I'm not a native English speaker, so, let me say sorry at this moment for my grammar mistakes.

Well the thing is:
I'm working on a python script that reads code bars in Colombian's ID, I'm using a simple input function, a code bar scanner and a i'm working on a Raspberry Pi 3 b+.
So, my problem is:
When I run the script using python2 the input function returns my codebar information with a tab separation between numerID and name, that's really useful for the goal that I tried to achieve, but when I run it with python3 the tab separation doesn't appear and I need to work with python3 for libs issues...
Why is this happening? theres some way to fix it?

Hope you have a wonderful life and thanks for reading :3
can you show your code?
it's just:
x = input('Ingrese el numero de cedula')

I'd love to show my command prompt output but it shows my personal information and I don't thing that it could be a good idea
I don't know what comes from your barcode scaner, but read this:
to understand the difference between input() in python2 and python3

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