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 A talk to watch
Can recommend to watch this one Discovering Python one of the best talk given in my option.
I did watch it again,as i did watch after PyCon 2014.

David Beazley locked in a vault containing 1.5 TBytes of assembly C/C++ source code.
Python came to rescue as it was installed on computer in vault.
They locked in the wrong guy if expect no result/understating of this massive messy code Pray

Many of technique he used vault is in Generator Tricks for Systems Programming.
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I've watched this. Don't remember when. I like it a lot. :)
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I also like this (and other presentations by David Beazley).

If you have spare 3.5 hours you can stretch your mind with his recent PyCon presentation Lambda Calculus from the Ground Up

Quote:These days, programming style guides are all the rage. However, what if your style guide was so restrictive that it only gave you single-argument functions and nothing else? No modules, no classes, no control flow, no data structures, and not even any primitives like integers or regular expressions. Just functions. Could you actually program anything at all? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. In this tutorial, you'll learn how as you work through a ground-up derivation of the lambda calculus in Python.

You will learn nothing practically useful in this tutorial. No packaging. No tools. No libraries. No deployment. No magic Python programming techniques. And certainly learn nothing you would ever want to apply to a real project. You will, on the other hand, have a lot of fun, be completely amazed, and learn some foundational computer science that is a jumping off point for further explorations of functional programming, type theory, programming languages, and more.
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