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API -> pandas -> database
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API -> pandas -> database
Firstly, apologies if I'm not using the right terminology, I'm trying to run before I walk and you will see the problems I'm having. I know how to code in other languages but I've got a tight deadline to meet on this one ....

As the title says I'm trying to get data from an API, do some slight massaging in pandas and write to a relational database.

When I was testing last week I was able to save the API output as a JSON file and read this into python and process it in pandas.

Now I want to read directly from the API and process it the same way. The API is confidential, so I can't post details about it here (but that's not the problem).

This is what I have so far:

Within a function I get the data from the API like this:
req = requests.get(...)
Return the data from the function like this:
return req.content

It seems to get returned as a bytestream, so I make it a string by doing this:
data = data.decode()

This still doesn't look like JSON format (but it's close), so I run a series of replace functions to get the data looking like the file and make it look like this:

[Image: 2019-01-24-09-15-42-Command-Prompt-python.png]

But when I try to convert it to a dataframe:
df0 = pd.DataFrame(data)

I get an error.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong ?
Is there a better way to do this ?
Can you post the error traceback?

When a JSON is read in Python, it becomes a dict. So, that output is your JSON.
Please use code tags, see BBCode
for output use [output][/output]

Please post the url you are getting so that we can try here.
Just to close this off, I figured it out, the answer is :

data = data.decode() data = data.replace("{\"data\":","") data = data.replace("}","") df = pd.DataFrame(ast.literal_eval(data),columns=['index','data'])

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