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About mathematical equations
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About mathematical equations
Hi guys!
I try to write equatoins not like that:
But i like to write how we can write on our hands.Like this image
[Image: EXn6RR9HHpH2AH2j9]

So how can i write?
Note: i slightly remember that i can do it like : print(“$ y=x^2+1 $”)
The syntax $ y=x^2+1 $ is Latex (or TeX) syntax. In python, you can use it in matplotlib graphics or in Jupyter notebooks. You can also use it in a web browser with the mathjax extension. Last but not least, you can use Python to produce Latex documents and compile them by using Latex. You could also search in Pypi the existing modules related to latex.

In an ordinary terminals, it is not possible to display equations this way because terminals normally don't have this capability. They are only matrices of characters.
I forgot to mention the sympy module which also has capabilities with respect to latex.

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