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Accept Multiple Lines of Input into a User Created File
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Accept Multiple Lines of Input into a User Created File
The problem starts when, from the terminal, as an example, the user cuts and pastes the following:


When I open the user created file I want to see, as a column:


However, only the first line is accepted into the file. I know I'm using raw_input and it only accepts a single how can I use the code for a user created file and somehow get multiple lines into that file?

I tried sys.stdin as well as trying to open targetfile as f but multi-line input won't get into the user created file.
There are no traceback errors.

import os
#import sys

#user creates a file name
targetfile = raw_input('Enter Subject of email here: ')

things_list =

#if user enters input on multiple lines script doesn't send input to targetfilefound, it doesnt quit when type done either
things = raw_input("Enter things, then type 'done' on its own line to quit: \n")

while True:
targetfilefound = open(targetfile , 'w')
while things != "done":
things = raw_input("")
things_list = ''.join(things_list)

except KeyboardInterrupt:

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