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Acces Wifi router and scan all the available networks through router
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Acces Wifi router and scan all the available networks through router
Hi, I am trying to access wifi router through Ethernet and scan all the networks available nearby to wifi using python, being new to this field need some suggestions which will be a helpful example for to make it work.

Your suggestion on this will be really helpful
perhaps this package:
or similar:
You want to use the WLAN-Scanning-Function on your Wifi-Router or do you want to do it locally on your computer with a Wifi-Dongle?
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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Well, I am not that much good with technical terms but I can explain my problem statement:

Actually I have a desktop which is connected to one unmanaged switch which is further connected to 2 wifi-routers and I want to make both routers work as a client which receives the signal of another router like if I switch on my mobile hotspot I 'll be able to scan it through the wifi routers which are connected with Desktop via unmanaged Switch.

Note: I have given local IPS to both Wifi Routers.

Hope this will be useful

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