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 Adspy installation issue
Unable to install adspy, try to install via cmd and pycharm both. Pip is updated. I think its a path issue. Do i need to change some settings?
the pypi version of this module hasn't been updated since 2014, leading me to believe that the pip install will only work with early versions of python, if at all.
Looking at the site, it requires login, (possibly compensation), so expect you will have to take that route if it's still something that you want.
i have created login no cost required.

The issue seems i m installing from C:\Program Files\Scripts(here pip is located)
but its searching in some other hidden path C:\User\Appdata\...
you can only use pip if the pypi version supports your interpreter.
As stated previously, the pypi version hasn't been updated since Jun 17, 2014, so if your python version is newer than 3.4.1, or 2.7.7,
pip will not work for you.
lol a problem is must in every tutorial i follow in youtube , coursera or anyother platform
then go to authors website and follow download instructions there, because PyPi is not up to date, again pip will not work unless you meet criteria now posted (twice) above.

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