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 Aiming for create my personal stock screener but not sure where to start with.
My objective for learning python right now is to able to code and create my own stock screener that based on my preference as the available stock screener doesn't fit to my criteria. I have zero experience in coding and willing to take time to learn but there is too many things I have to learn and not sure which one is helpful in achieveing my objectives. Hope anyone with experience could give me some sort of direction. Thanks !
Programming is a precise science. Misplacing a period could change the entire operation of a program. Trying to tackle a large project from the get go will most likely frustrate you to the point where you will give up on learning a language in the first place. Learning a language can fun if approached with the right attitude.

I strongly suggest that you complete a couple of tutorials first.
Here are a couple that I like, there are others available.

Unfortunately, the second one is going completely commercial the end of June, so hurry if you want to do this one.
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So basically your advise would be just try to learn most of the basic on python available under the first and second link then only further research on what kind of language I need to use? I planned to practice/learn it at least half hour per day, what do you think? Shy

Thank you for the reply btw !

Also I just wondering whether to take Python 3 or the older version Python. Seems both of it feel different according to what I had Googled.
As soon as you are able to program,
look at your bookstore for "Python for Finance".
Thanks for reply ! Sorry if I asked something stupid, but to what extent only considered as someone who able to program ?
Here is the first chapter from "Python for Finance":

If you understand the code, you can start coding your project.
If not, take a beginner book or tutorial.

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