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 All 31 of my Python projects with source code
Here is a list of all 31 of my Python projects so far.
Each project has a post explaining the detail and the source code is included.


Auto Photo Colorizer
A portable Windows App to auto-magically colour in black and white images using A.I.

BBC Downloader V1.65W
This is the TV and radio version of BBC Radio Downloader.

BBC Radio Downloader
A GUI to download BBC radio shows.

Bletchley - GUI Mastermind Game

Clipboard Manager
A simple, yet weird, Windows clipboard manager. This was a very early project of mine so don't expect too much! My first ever GUI, don't laugh!

Clipboard Saver (systray app)
I finally found out how to run programs from the Windows system tray.

DisMal -Disposable Email GUI
Create a temporary and anonymous email in four clicks and four seconds.

Footy Predictor V0-12
A Python Football (soccer) prediction program with a GUI.
Will predict scorelines for any Premier League match during the 2019\2020 season.

Hearing Frequency Tester GUI
A very simple GUI for the "winsound" library to test peoples hearing range,
see help for what is the normal hearing range.

Hi-Lo GUI Card Game
Python GUI Card Game V1 Completed.

Bandwidth Monitor
A mini project to make a flashing modem style monitor light on your desktop with live bandwidth report.
Windows and Linux.

Morse Code
Python Morse Code. A simple and fun way to learn how a Python dictionary works.

Multi-choice Quiz Game
Full Python source code to a work in progress of a quiz construction kit for programmers and non-programmers.

NewBox (get news in a GUI)

PDF JPG X V0.6 - Mini Project
Quick GUI to extract images from PDF files.

Pip Uninstaller-Mini Project
A little GUI you can use to see a list of your pip installed modules and uninstall any unwanted ones.
Latest update, now called Pips.

PyAutoGui-Clean junk files\Update clock (windows)
PyAutoGui Automation Beginners Tutorial.

Reddit Image Grabber GUI

Screen Spy V1.92.

Simple Quiz Maker V0.53
For Windows only for now. Create your own multiple choice quiz in no time, no programming required.

Speed Reader Mini Project
Speed reader or spot reader lets you read one word of a text at a time very fast, maybe 500 words a minute.

S-Py (source code searcher GUI)
S-Py is a GUI driven Windows and Linux desktop program that allows fellow Python coders to search their
computer for a search term that crops up inside their (or anyone's) .py source code files.

Systray Radio
Fun mini-project for Windows only.

TIM - The Insult Machine V1.80WL
TIM is the ultimate expression of my own self-loathing.

Tkinter Assistant
Contains 45 Tkinter code snippets to help beginners build a GUI quickly.
The snippets can also be executed from the GUI so it is easy to find out quickly what each widget does.
The code is copied to the clipboard as well so you can paste it into your code editor and go.

Tk Tooltips module
Find out how to use my easy tooltip module.

Video poker machine
A full GUI driven Jacks or better Video Poker game, that works on both Linux and Windows.

Webcam Motion Detector
For Windows and Linux.

Python - WAC V0.72 Update. Now called TK Assistant.

Windows GUI shutdown timer

31 so far. Hopefully there will be many, many, more projects to come.
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Thanks for sharing.
some interesting apps here
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My pleasure.

(Mar-22-2020, 09:50 PM)Larz60+ Wrote: Thanks for sharing.
some interesting apps here

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