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Announcing AppGameKit for Python!
Hello all,

I have teamed up with TheGameCreators for them to trial a Python version of AppGameKit in the form of a PYD file that makes AppGameKit commands available to Python 3.6 and greater. Currently this PYD is compiled only for use with the Windows x86 version of Python. It is a free, unlimited version of their commercial product, but it does show the AppGameKit logo for a few seconds on game startup and AppGameKit is mentioned in the window title when in windowed mode. The PYD works with PyInstaller for easy distribution.

If you haven't heard of AppGameKit, I would recommend looking over their website. They also have documentation online and an active community forum. I should point out that method names have been changed to follow PEP 8 naming conventions, so they will be similar but different from the online help. I also had to make a few changes mentioned on the project's itch.io page. There is also a PYI file there that can be used with PyCharm for easier access to the same information.

As mentioned, this is a trial for them, but if there's a positive response they will extend the project and include a way of compiling an executable without the intro logo and window title text as well as support other OS.

Please take a look and feel free to ask me any questions about it here or on the project's community forum on itch.io.

AppGameKit for Python project page at itch.io: https://fascimania.itch.io/appgamekit-for-python

Original announcement url: https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/ann...for-python

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