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 Any interesting works in progress?
What are people working on these days? Any interesting personal or professional projects?

My personal project for the past couple weeks has been writing an emulator for the 8080 processor. Professionally, I've done quite a bit with machine/assembly language on modern Intel/AMD processors and thought this would be an entertaining way to (a) continue developing my Python/development chops (I only use Python at work about 30-40% of the time) and (b) do something interesting and fun.

Progress-wise I'm not too far into it. First, I'm forcing myself to write good/complete unit tests for every instruction before implementing the instruction. Second, I have a few other interests that take time as well, so I may only implement one processor instruction in a day.
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One of the first micro's I ever worked on.
do you have the oiginal intel manual:
and this one: (which was my favorite)
(Dec-15-2017, 05:44 PM)Larz60+ Wrote: One of the first micro's I ever worked on.
do you have the oiginal intel manual:
and this one: (which was my favorite)

I did not have this version of the manual and this one answers a question I've been stuck on.

If you are interested, I wrote early application articles using the Intel 8080, date around 1975
The magazine (Kilobaud) is archived on the net.
This game jam:

It's javascript only, and I'm pretty sure I won't actually finish anything, but it's a neat way to waste time after work.
I did some cleaning today of video files downloaded from youtube. Duplicated ones. I even didn't write a script but just using IPython. Boring. I am so lazy the last week  Confused
"As they say in Mexico 'dosvidaniya'. That makes two vidaniyas."

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