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 Apply rolling window function over time dimension of 3D data
import xarray as xr
import numpy as np
def get_grps(s, thresh=-1, Nmin=2):
    Nmin : int > 0
        Min number of consecutive values below threshold.
    s = pd.Series(s)
    m = np.logical_and.reduce([s.shift(-i).le(thresh) for i in range(Nmin)])
    if Nmin > 1:
        m = pd.Series(m, index=s.index).replace({False: np.NaN}).ffill(limit=Nmin-1).fillna(False)
        m = pd.Series(m, index=s.index)
    # Form consecutive groups
    gps =
    # Return None if no groups, else the aggregations
    if gps.isnull().all():
        return [0]
        d = s.groupby(gps).agg([list, sum, 'size']).reset_index(drop=True)
        data = len((d['sum']))  ### returning frequency
        data = np.array(data)
        return (data)
### create some dummy data::
spi = xr.DataArray(dims=("time", "lon", "lat"), data=np.random.randn(324, 180, 360))
### Apply xarray rolling window function::
## then I get this error::
Traceback (most recent call last):
    raise Exception("Data must be 1-dimensional")
Exception: Data must be 1-dimensional
How can I modify this function to accept 3D data and then apply xarray rolling window properly

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