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 Are Udemy courses worth to pursue?
Absolutely; Given that Udemy courses are almost always on some kind of sale, Udemy is a very low-cost place to learn. There's rarely any need to spend more than $20 on a course. If you choose one of the good ones, you can absorb a huge amount of information and genuinely learn brand new skills from scratch.
I will be honest with you. I purchased many courses and some are really good no doubt. Some are pretty advanced and it is totally worth the money.

There are some problems though. Some of the course titles are misleading. The content is of poor quality or very basic. I am giving an example: recently I purchased a course securing php apps. I was intrigued by the title of the course. This course is very basic. I am learning what I already know.

So my suggestion is take up courses which you have no idea on. If it's completely fresh then it will be helpful otherwise it will be a waste of money.

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