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 Array in numpy
I installed modul numpy and wrote this code:

import numpy as np
height = [ 1.73, 1.68, 1.71, 1.89, 1.79]
weight = [ 65.4, 59.2, 63.6, 88.4, 68.7]

np_height = np.array(height)
np_weight = np.array(weight)

result = np_weigh / np_height ** 2
I receive message "Attribute error: modul 'numpy' has no attribute 'array'
Don't see how is this possible.
Look if have you have named a file
Here how it look if it work,__file__ will show placement.
>>> import numpy as np
>>> np.__file__
>>> np.array
<built-in function array> 
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Yes, I named my file, not sure that I understand the rest.
Rename the file eg to
What happenes is when file is in Python search path,
Python will try to import it.
So when do import numpy as np it is in fact using your file and not the numpy package.
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I renamed the file we are talking about above, to
I run >>> import numpy as np
I run >>> np.__file__ 'C:\Adrian\Python37\Lib\numpy-1.11.2\numpy\'
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
what should my last command be for there to be no error? It worked once, I don't remember how I did it.
(May-26-2019, 03:25 AM)aapurdel Wrote: I renamed the file we are talking about above, to
This is and old Thread,and no you should not at all rename to
This was about that naming a fie yourself to,then it shadow the real in library.
So here it was only talked about rename make that name yourself) to a other name eg

Quote:I run >>> np.__file__ 'C:\Adrian\Python37\Lib\numpy-1.11.2\numpy\'
You have the return value that should not be there.
>>> import numpy as np

>>> np.__file__ # Nothing here

# If work then it work
>>> np.arange(10, 30, 5)
array([10, 15, 20, 25])

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