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 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'label' : What's wrong ?
Hello everyone,

I'm not able to solve my pb by myself, so let me explain what it is.

I'd like to automate the calculation with Abaqus. So I begin by creating and writing a script in python and finally I execute this file on Abaqus
At the step of my work, I'd like to load a step file on abaqus and not my previous model.cae. But by trying to do this, an error appeared on the following part of my python's file.

a = mdb.models['Verzahnung'].rootAssembly
n1 = a.instances['ZR1_instance'].nodes
koor_load = (-2.637359,29.302616,3.6)
nodes1 = n1.getClosest(coordinates=(koor_load ,))
nodelabel = nodes1[0].label     <<<----------------------------- THIS LINE
meshnode = n1.sequenceFromLabels((nodelabel,))
a.Set(nodes=meshnode , name='Set-2')
ERROR TYPE: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'label'

Just in case, here is the previous code to load the model:

mdb = openMdb(r"Model_Stirnrad.cae")
And the current code:

mdb.models.changeKey(fromName='Model-1', toName='Verzahnung')
step = mdb.openStep('Model1.stp', scaleFromFile=OFF)
mdb.models['Verzahnung'].PartFromGeometryFile(name='ZR_1_K', geometryFile=step, combine=False, dimensionality=THREE_D, type=DEFORMABLE_BODY)
p = mdb.models['Verzahnung'].parts['ZR_1_K']
a = mdb.models['Verzahnung'].rootAssembly
a.Instance(name='ZR1_instance', part=p, dependent=ON)
Hope this is clear :D
And thanks to those who are enough courageous to read my pb and solve it :)
Have a nice WE.
Verzeihung, it is not clear. From the code it seems n1.getClosest is a class. And this class is expected to have a method or an attribute called label. But it appears not to have such.
It is even questionable whether "n1.getClosest" is a class because the message says: " 'NoneType' object".
So you should search how "n1.getClosest" is defined.

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