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 Automatically plot each variable on the same graph for each "ID"
Hello, I am currently doing an Internship and have been tasked with writing a code that will automatically plot values in a dataframe based on their ID number. I cant add a picture but its like this:
Index-----------ID--------Timestamp---------Name----------Value 0-----------1553679924-----Date/Time--------T_Amb---------4.5 1-----------1553679924-------""--------------""-----------4.6 2---------------""-----------""--------------""-----------4.2 3---------------""-----------""----------- T_HTES---------340 4---------------""-----------""--------------""-----------341 etc. 1555--------1553683993-------""--------------""------------"" 1556--------1553683993-------""--------------""------------""
there are multiple variable under Name eg. T_Amb, T_HTES, Pel_KWKK, CHP_Switch etc. each ID number has every variable (a reading for each variable was taken every 15 minutes).
The aim is to plot each variable under "Name" on the same graph based on the ID number with "Value" on the y-axis and "Timestamp" on the x-axis.
I hope i have explained it well enough, thanks in advance for any help. Smile
I have looked at what this looks like when posted please imagine the dashes as just seperating the columns i dont know how else to show it lol - Fixed(Yoriz)

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