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 Backwards compatable ?
I have done some python for build scripts in the past, but not extensively, and nothing recently. I have a new project, with python written in 3.25, that has compiled .exes (I have not done .exes previously). I have a couple of questions. Python 3.6 is out now, is that fully backward compatible with 3.25 (Thus I can install and learn 3.6)? Also, if it is not backwards compatible, where can I get documentation that is specific to 3.5, so that I can learn what I need to learn.

Not sure if this information is useful here, but this is what is at the top of a
import os
import sys
import glob
import boto3
import botocore import BOTOCORE_ROOT
import cx_freeze import setup, Executable
import shutil import copyfile

i believe all python3.x is backwards compatible with anything in 3.x previous of the current version.
your statement agrees with the comments in this link...that I just found...
It's true that python3.x is backward compatible with any other python3, but sometimes some of the dependencies(libraries) do not work with newer version of python. It's rare but it happens, mostly with dead projects. So just make sure your dependencies officially support python3.6 before switching.

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