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I added a banner plugin that allows you to plugin CSS easily and be able to flip with a switch them on or off.

Some are my maintenance banners

but also one is active now that shows this
to only users with less than 50 posts globally. Maybe that might catch new users attention better? But if they ask about the banner there...its only visible to them thats why. Guests also cannot see it.
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For the first banner - as per another thread (too lazy to find it / credit) I definitely think we should keep it to a single line.

For the second, I'd reduce it to like 5 posts rather than 50. Someone with 10 posts should definitely know by that point. We can tinker with it from there but I'd start lower. I think it's a good idea though, we can just stop doing it if it doesn't help.
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well its depends on how big or small your screen is depends on how many lines there are. The only part that i think we could omit is the wayback machine in the actual banner. The rest of it seems essential in the banner. I interpreted that as he didnt like the scroll aspect of the banner and to remove words for the sole purpose of it not scrolling. But there is an option to not have it scroll at all.

I can remove the User usergroup from that banner. Which would show only to 0-4 posts.
OK so i edited the banner to shorted it. For me it shows as one line....but again that depends on how big your monitor is.

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(Dec-11-2017, 10:11 PM)metulburr Wrote: remove words for the sole purpose of it not scrolling

Yep.  I don't really care how many lines it is, I just hate scrolling text.  Especially when it scrolls that slowly.  Am I really expected to sit there and stare at it for a full minute while the text slowly becomes visible?  lol
yeah I was looking at it and saying damn that is going so slow. lmao

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