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 Basically a Python Tetris game [pygame] rather keyboard arrows can be controlled with
Basically a Python Tetris game [pygame] rather keyboard arrows can be controlled with joystick device...?

the Docs here ^^ simple joysticks and flight simulators joysticks are the same... operant commands in this Docs?
Do you have a question?
I HAVE MODIFIED a Python Tetris game [pygame] controlled by keyboard arrows ... is it controllable with joystick device... or needed use joystick library of pygame?

the Docs here ^^ is for simple joysticks including flight simulators joysticks the same...?

I just wanted TEST python games With Joystick --- but I do not have any... and needed to buy one ... what joystick to buy... any idea for Python3/Pygame games????
You would need pygame for joystick control. I am not aware of any joystick that does not work with pygame.

the Docs here ^^ for the joystick is for simple joysticks including/(as well as) flight simulators joysticks the same...?

Should work for most Joystick hardware --- that is for PC/Mac/Linux...? Not Xbox, nor Playstation but must be for PC/Computer...correct?
It should work with any device attached to your computer. Including xbox controllers.
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A corded USB xbox 360 controller is probably the most common controller. And yes it does work with that as that is the controller i use.
can you send a purchase link on or of

"corded USB xbox 360 controller"

is it this

As long as it's usb, yes. I like xbox one controllers, because they're bluetooth and I don't like cables, but they both work fine.
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The one you linked looks similar, but is off brand. The one i have has the only difference of a breakaway if you pull hard enough the cable separates instead of breaking your USB port.
Like this but it is built in to the controller cord of the one i have. Not sure if you can even buy these anymore as i have had been using this since the xbox 360 has been the newest console.

The xbox one controller also has a USB charging cable. I havent used it yet for computer use, but i would assume that you could just use that to connect the controller to sync it.

You can use any USB controller. But i have found over the years the off brand ones suck and break easily or have driver issues in the future. Its best to just get a name brand one as you only have to buy it once and your done.

This is mine except black. If i needed a second controller, or broke mine... This would be the one i would order as it is 1) name brand and 2) listed as never used (new). I would not buy an off brandm as i have done that before and ended up buying numerous ones every year to replace them. Ive owned this one for probably ~10 years and it has endured drops, pulls, spills, and works as if it is brand new.
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