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 Because the emoji appears black and white at the exit ?
I am running an emoji code and the output Run appears in black and white, that is, the emoji does not come out as colored in the original .

is there any command that will make the emoji come out colorful ? Sad

I am using Python 3.7 and Windows 10
I am using the PyCharm Community IDE Platform Editor Version 2018.3.3

Python 3.7.2
It all depends on what Editor/shell/terminal can output.
Not all(few) Editors/shell can handle emoji with color.
It work for me in VS Code and cmder as shell.

The safest way is to use Jupyter Notebook ,then is in a browser and all emoji will render correct.

greetings sr. snippsat ,

                   I have discovered two reasons why my emoji is leaving black and white, and which will continue to come out black and white : Wall

1) I'm using PyCharm Community for Windows

2) due to technical information

friend hug Smile

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