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 Beginner/Intermediate Tips
Hi all,

So I would like to ask you all for some general advice on general tips and if possible structuring functions for GUI's vs. web development. If you had any please feel free to post your beginner's blunders as well!

I am trying to port my MATLAB programs over to python. I have only been using python for a week or so now and I am running into some of the same problems I had when I first programmed my functions which was just basic inexperience. For example, one of the functions is to import csv data and eventually export to xlsx. I finished the import function which uses lists and csv.reader() and then converts to a numpy array. I've recently learned I could have used one line in pandas much more efficiently.

What I am really looking for is concerning Guis and web development. I have zero experience programming GUIs or for web development so I have no idea what to watch out for or prepare in terms of structuring functions. For example, I have read that using tkinter or pyqt will not work through a web server/browser. Any help is appreciated. Once I get to programming these parts, I will move to the appropriate sub-forum.

Thank you.
Here's a quick example of using wxpython for general GUI framework:
There's also QT5 which has a very rich widget set, but be aware that there is a cost involved if you plan to go commercial.
You can examine some of wxpython's widgets here:
for web development, In my opinion, Flask is the way to go. You can read up on it, and experiment by starting here:

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