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 Best Python Books for Starters and more Advanced
Hi all,

I tried writing an article about the Best Python Books.
I came back with 3 beginners (start of the list) and 3 advanced books (end of the list):
  • Python Crash Course
  • Automate the Boring Stuff With Python
  • Learning Python
  • Effective Python
  • Python Cookbook
  • Fluent Python

Since opinions are always, well ... opinionated. I would love to hear from you about experiences you made with these books.
In the end I recommended Automate the Boring Stuff (best beginners book) and Fluent Python (best advanced book).

Did I miss something on the list?
two tutorials (not books) that I think are excellent:
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Interactive Edition
Python3 Tutorial
Even thought these are not books, I think you will enjoy
I wouldnt really call them beginners or advanced. I would just call them all fundamentals. Advanced books i would call ones that solely go into 3rd party libraries, in depth of standard libraries such as regex expressions, the inner workings of Python, database, C extensions, etc. Usually the books that cover the fundamentals in the beginning, they do not cover too much of advanced topics by the end of the book. I would rather just buy a book that covers solely those topics. For example i dont see anything in Fluent Python table of contents that leanring python does not cover. So why would this be labeled as advanced when learning python is beginner? Thats my opinion though.

Having said that i only read one book entirely in that list. The rest i have seen snippets from being on this forum and seeing from people's question about confusion, etc.

I read learning python by mark lutz and i would consider this my favorite fundamental book. I did buy this as my first python book without knowing any python and read it cover to cover. I used it as a reference afterwords for many years too. It really depends on your learning style. Thus the reason why there is no sole great book as each person learns differently.

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