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 Best resource to learn and pass interview
Hi All,
Background: I am a Linux SysAdmin with over 9 years experience. I have very basic Python knowledge. Have previously scripted in Bash.

I am looking to move away from what I do and into 100% Python programming.

Is there any one book/resource/learning-path you will recommend strongly to get me through the door to my first Python job interview? Wall Wall Wall

Many thanks! Smile
See here:
Thank you. I've edited the question for clarity.
What I meant is that there are endless tutorials/books out there. But I am sure that often there is one or two books or tutorials that are really high quality and work the best for most people. Those are the ones I am after.

(May-17-2019, 03:41 PM)heiner55 Wrote: See here:
I don't know what works for most.

Building up practical experience is what I think works best.

There are plenty of free online Python resources (including python books).
Just pick one and that feels not to difficult and start.

0) Building up practical experience. (always active, and crucial for (successful) Python job interviews)
1) Initial basic Python stuff.
2) Classes
3) (?) ... take your pick.

Optional search: online free python book

("A-whirlwind-tour-of-python" seems like a nice Python crash course)
Python for Everybody (An introduction to the basics of coding in Python 3) by Charles Severance. (Interactive Textbook hosted by Trinket)
Python 2.7 Quick Reference (Personal favourite Python reference page. No 3.x updated version available)

Cracking The Coding Interview is the canonical book on this topic. I have a copy and used it the last couple times I was looking for a job.

That said... I don't think you'll be limited as much by your interviewing skills as much as your experience. I strongly recommend you develop a strong Github profile with projects that you can show off and show that you can get stuff done.
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See here for a bash programmer:
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