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 Blender courses on sale for only $10
Thought I'd post this here.
Blender is great for any 3D art, animations or even movies.
I heard about this sale on the radio today while I was driving to a local Farm to get milk.

Many more courses python wireshark, etc. aslo same price

Sale is over in about 4.5 Hours
You have a radio station that talks about software?  Must be nice... :p
Yes, it's on every Sunday for two hours, On our low frequency AM broadcast band.
People call in with questions and the moderator (or what ever he's called)
answers, if he doesn't know the answer, he has a couple of aids which look up
the answer while he's speaking. It's enjoyable to listen to.
Sort of like a forum online.
Sounds like KISS forum:
Yea, something like that.
This has nothing to do with forums, but it's one of my favorites:
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