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Button Command
Hello Python Users

I have a button(mybutton) in a file called startpage. If I click on this button I want it to run a function in a file called om. The function is called openingmenu.

mybutton  = Button(root, text="Click me for opening menu", bg="white", fg="firebrick", \
                 relief = "groove", font = "Helvitica 60", command = from om import openingmenu)
So I tried to set command as command = from om import openingmenu, but I get an invalid syntax error. Can this be done?
import om
mybutton  = Button(root, text="Click me for opening menu", bg="white", fg="firebrick", \
                 relief = "groove", font = "Helvitica 60", command = om.openingmenu)
This is the entire code except for the function, using the changes you suggested.
from tkinter import *
root = Tk()


import om

mybutton  = Button(root, text="Click me for opening menu.", bg="white", fg="firebrick", \
                 relief = "groove", font = "Helvitica 60",command = om.openingmenu)

The code does not create the mybutton. The code runs the function. This produces a menu.

I don't understand why the code runs the function because this is not supposed to happen until after mybutton is clicked.
use a callback

import om
from functools import partial

def callback():
tk.Button(...., command=partial(callback))
Thanks all. I was able to get Deanhystad's solution to work.

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