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I would like to assign hex values to a byte array, however for some values python assign letters to the array instead hex values.

For example:
length = bytes(3)
barray = bytearray(length)

# construct example array
barray[0] = 0xd0
barray[1] = 0x13
barray[2] = 0x74

It outputs:
But I would like to have:
Where is the problem?

Best regards,
No problem - HEX values that correspond to ASCII characters are shown like those characters
In [7]: chr(0x74) Out[7]: 't'

I would have used array to build bytestring - initializing values one-by-one does not look very Pythonic
In [12]: import array In [13]: array.array('B', (0xd0, 0x13, 0x74)).tobytes() Out[13]: b'\xd0\x13t'
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Try the following construction:
for x in barray:
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I guess there is no one right way how you can solve this task.

You can work with binascii.hexlify
from binascii import hexlify

ba = bytearray(b'\xd0\x13t')
hexstr = hexlify(ba).decode() # hexlify returns bytes
Another method could be str-formatting:
ba = bytearray(b'\xd0\x13t')
hexstr = ''.join(format(integer, 'x') for integer in ba) 
For Python 3.6 fans with format string interpolation:
ba = bytearray(b'\xd0\x13t')
hexstr = ''.join(f'{integer:x}' for integer in ba) 
My code examples are always for Python 3.x.
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