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 Byte array is sorted when sending via USB
I'm new to the forum and new to Python as well

I'm using Python 3.7.0 and Pywinusb 0.4.2 to send raw data to an HID device.

import pywinusb.hid as hid

def readData(data):

device = hid.HidDeviceFilter(vendor_id=0xXXXX, product_id=0xXXXX).get_devices()[0]
if not device:
    print ("No device found")
    report = device.find_output_reports()
    buffer=[0x00]*65 #USB packet size
    buffer[0]=0x00 #report id
The HID device receives the data, I already confirmed this.

My problem is that somewhere the byte array gets sorted from minor to major. I already confirmed this as well

Any ideas ?

Thank you

David DLC
You are using a list which is mutable. Try to send this: buffer = b'\x00\x0A\x2F\x02\x03\x01'
You should see struct module.
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