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 Can the scope of a module be expanded ?
I have a module named which has a class optimizer. The class contains 2 static member functions. looks something like this:
class optimizer:
    def gradientDescentOptimizer(input,mappings,net:nn.nn,alpha=0.001,lamb=None, epoch=100,print_at=5,prnt=True):

    def SGDOptimizer(input,mappings,net:nn.nn,mini_batch_size=64,alpha=0.001,lamb=None, epoch=5,print_at=5,prnt=True):

To access the functions in other modules, I need to follow this syntax:
import optimizer

x = optimizer.optimizer.functionName(arguments)
I was wondering if there is a way to expand the scope of the optimizer class so that the function can be accessed by referring to the optimizer class just once, like this :
import optimizer

x = optimizer.functionName(arguments)
from optimizer import optimizer

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