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 Catching exceptions in embedded code no longer works on 3.7.2?
In an older project of mine I used to catch exceptions in the code by doing ...

// simplified code ...
PyObject * PyRes = PyRun_String( ... )
PyObject* ex = PyErr_Occurred();
if (!PyErr_ExceptionMatches(PyExc_SystemExit))
  // there was a non-system error
But now I get the error, (in VS2017)

Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol PyExc_SystemExit
I suspect i need to include something to my project/files?
Any suggestions as to what might be missing?

Many thanks

exceptions are used in try/except clauses
(Feb-01-2019, 10:54 PM)Larz60+ Wrote: exceptions are used in try/except clauses

Thanks, but my question was about embedded python code, (in c++), rather than straight Python code.

OK, see that now, I'm an old C++ programmer, but it's been quite a while.
I have to pass.
I found what the issue is/was

It is a clear case of not reading the manual properly :) ...

In the readme.txt

Quote:Static library

The solution has no configuration for static libraries. However it is
easy to build a static library instead of a DLL. You simply have to set
the "Configuration Type" to "Static Library (.lib)" and alter the
preprocessor macro "Py_ENABLE_SHARED" to "Py_NO_ENABLE_SHARED". You may
also have to change the "Runtime Library" from "Multi-threaded DLL
(/MD)" to "Multi-threaded (/MT)".
Thanks for sharing.

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