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 Change Windows Sound Output Device with Python
Hey there,

On my main PC I have several different sound output devices that I have to constantly switch between. This process is tedious, as I have to go into the windows 'Playback Devices' menu, and search through my connected devices, and then set the one I want in the moment to my systems default output. 

As a work around for this I am attempting to create a physical switch box with an Arduino Uno. Each button, when pressed, will switch my default output to the programmed device that button represents. To control the windows side of things, I am hoping to have a python script that will listen for a serial command from the Arduino, and then change the default device accordingly. 

My question is.. 
Is there a way in python to change this setting on the Window OS? 
I have researched a bunch into different libraries that may be able to help, but so far no luck. 

Any suggestions would be great.

Not sure, but possibly portaudio:
You'll have to dig into the docs.


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