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 Check fast similarity between gps coordinates
Hi all,
I would like to check fast some gps points that have timestamps if include overlapping trajectories. In other words that the driver used the same road multiple times.
I have tried by using directly the longitute and latitute but the problem is that the gps receiver provides very different gps numbers. I know from experience that the gps can provide measurements that are 20 meters apart or more and these probably refer to the same point.

How I can group points that fall inside the same let's say 20 meters region together?

Another alternative I thought is to make a sequential plot where I add points over small pauses so I can see viasually that trajectories repeat.

Or another alternative to plot the map and every 100 measurement points I use a different mark for the points. Lets say crosses-triangles and X.

I have tried with normal plotting but unfortunately this produces so big overlapping points that it is hard to see.

Another alternative would be to plot the coordinates and then have the color bar being the timestamps.

Which of those solutions you think is the one I need to go for?

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