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Chinese python
Chinese python:
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Lieutenant is a Chinese programming language based on Python translation language 2.1.3. In addition to reserved words, variable names can be used in Chinese. Many built-in data types can be operated in Chinese.
Zhongli has added internal support for Chinese character encoding, and now it can run smoothly in the Chinese system of the Big Five and GB code. At the same time, the programs written by these two encoding systems do not need to be converted and shared.
Since the development of the Python language is quite mature, there are many third-party extension modules widely distributed. The complete Chinese culture will be a very large project. The release version is to let more interested people join us. Do this interesting work.
Lieutenant is compatible with Python 2.1.3 programs, so a large number of extension modules can be used directly.
Lieutenant is the same as Python 2.1.3, which is open source.

Come in and play, it’s all yours.

Lieutenant email list

Zhonghao’s new development network is located in the homepage of Zhonghao’s Soft Alliance.

The old development network of Lieutenant is located at SourceForge. There you can find the following:

Lieutenant at Sourceforge's homepage
CVS library

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