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class Engine(object):
	def __init__(self, scene_map):
		print "Inside Engine.scene_map"
		print "scene_map: %r" %scene_map
		self.scene_map = scene_map
	def play(self):
		print "Inside"
		current_scene = self.scene_map.opening_scene()
		print "current_scene: %r" %current_scene
		while True:
			print "\n------------"
			print "Inside Engine.while_loop"
			next_scene_name = current_scene.enter()
			print "After current_scene.enter()"
			current_scene = self.scene_map.next_scene(next_scene_name)
			print "After scene_map.next_scene()"
class CentralCorridor(Scene):
	def enter(self):
		action = raw_input("> ")
		if action == "shoot!":
			print "Quick on the draw you yank out your blaster and fire it at the Gothon."
			print "You are dead. Then he eats you."
			return 'death'
		elif action == "dodge!":
			print "He eats you."
			return 'death'
		elif action == "tell a joke":
			print "You jump through the Weapon Armory door while he laughing."
			return 'laser_weapon_armory'
			print "DOES NOT COMPUTE!"
			return 'central_corridor'
class Map(object):
	scenes = {
		'central_corridor': CentralCorridor(),
		'laser_weapon_armory': LaserWeaponArmory(),
		'the_bridge': TheBridge(),
		'escape_pod': EscapePod(),
		'death': Death()
	def __init__(self, start_scene):
		print "Inside Map.start_scene"
		print "start_scene: %r" %start_scene
		self.start_scene = start_scene
	def next_scene(self, scene_name):
		print "Inside Map.next_scene"
		print "scene_name: ", scene_name
		return Map.scenes.get(scene_name)

	def opening_scene(self):
		print "Inside Map.opening_scene"
		print "start_scene: %r" %self.start_scene
		return self.next_scene(self.start_scene)
a_map = Map('central_corridor')
print "after a_map"
a_game = Engine(a_map)
print "after a_game"
print "after"

I am a beginner. Having some doubts on a code i saw in a book.
Can anyone explain to me why next_scene() is under scene_map as follows
current_scene = self.scene_map.next_scene(next_scene_name)
instead of Map.next_scene?

when i print scene_map as per
print "scene_map: %r" %scene_map
, i get
<__main__.Map object at 0x1028504d0>
as result, can explain what it means?

self.scene_map is an instance Map. When you create the engine, you pass it a Map instance, which you then assign as self.scene_map.

Calling Map.next_scene() doesn't make sense, as it's not a class method. Going from one spot on a map to another spot on the same map only makes sense if you have a map first.
Noted, thanks :)

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