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 Code review subforum?
There's a picture in my memory of subforum description mentioning "code review", which made it very obvious it is the right place for this type of questions.
But you may be completely right, I don't remember well, so it may be my mind making things up.
I think the phrase "code review" would mislead people in conflicting between general coding help code review and completed scripts.

But i can add more info at the rules at the top
It's true that code posted for review doesn't mean it is a completed script, it can be just one function or class. I don't know what's best to do to make most sense. But an obvious place where code review questions can be posted would be nice to have.
my perception of the current description makes that least to me. We can see what others say.

Quote:This is the place to post completed Scripts/Snippets that you can ask for people to help optimize your code or just share what you have made (large or small)
To me it says all of ....completed / help optimize code / share what you made
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Recently I have moved a thread from General Coding Help to Completed Scripts/Snippets, because OP posted a functioning code with questions regarding optimization, code style etc.
He wrote me a PM saying:
Quote:Sorry guys for the mistake. I think we need a code review thread.
what was his response when you said Completed Scripts/Snippets was the code review forum?
Im curious if he says "oh that makes sense; i didnt see that" or he has the same opinion as you as that doesnt say that in the time enough, to him.
I will let you know when he replies, I am curious about the same.
I think the only way something like this could work effectively would be to create a 'submission' section, and have someone play
god or editor, and either accept or reject the script, pointing out, in a friendly way, what needed to be worked on before re-submission.

Once the script was accepted, it could either be put directly into a read only 'golden' scripts section, or put up for a vote.
That's a heavy calling, and you would need to find someone willing to dedicate themselves to seeing it was done, and that submissions
didn't just sit there.

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