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 Codementor For Free! General Coding Help For Free!
Hey There!
I have been a professional software developer and web designer for several years. Once I acknowledged that it's a good idea to share my knowledge and experience.
Recently I'm mostly working as a coding coach. BUT! For Russians! I am from Russia and I want to empower my speech skills while continuing my coding journey with my students.
I would like to introduce python fundamentals for you via skype. It is self-rewarding to help people tailor learning paths to kickstart their programmer's life.
In addition to my work, I really passionate about women's equality in tech.
So if you are interested in free help in real-time conversations with screen-sharing and code discussion - you are welcome! I need in practicing English with native-speaker: from US, or GB, or Australia. We can help each other: text me, please!

the_list = ['car','brown','danger','previous','pick','motion']
the_word = the_list[0][0]+the_list[1][2]+2*the_list[-1][0]+the_list[-3][-2]+the_list[-1][-1]+the_list[-2][1:3]+the_list[2][1]+the_list[5][2:]

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