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 Com Error with macro within for loop due to creating new workbook in the loop
So I have three files right now, 1. Template file with the rater, which performs calculations, and two files with data that gets copied to the rater.

I wrote a code that loops through the files assigns them to a work book copies the data from the work book to the rater, runs the macro to perform the calculations, and copies the output column back to the work book/save/close.

It works fine if I run it in pieces but click on the worksheets. however when I try to run it within the loop it gives me a com_error.
This leads me to believe that when I create the new workbook it makes the new workbook the active workbook.
#macros to run

for file_name in filenames:


    comp_data=wb.sheets("Data for Rater").range("copy_range").value
    rater.sheets("Batch Rater").range("b23").value=comp_data


    comp_premium=rater.sheets("Batch Rater").range("premium_copy_py").value
    #wb.sheets("Batch Rater").range("AQ23").options(transpose=True).value=test
    if file_name=="cien_cova_roofage_rooftype.xlsx":
        wb.sheets("All Company Premium").range("AQ67202").options(transpose=True).value=comp_premium
    elif file_name=='cien_cova_yearbuilt.xlsx':
        wb.sheets("All Company Premium").range("AQ12002").options(transpose=True).value=comp_premium



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