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 Contact form button click action
I created a contact me HTML page and there I created a Contract form and there is a submit button. I want to click on that button and check if all the text boxes that the form consists of is filled with user's input. If it is then I want to activate <form> method= post and at the same time create a popup message box showing "Form submitted successfully". If all the input fields are not entered, I don't want to activate <form> method= post and popup a message box showing "please fill all the input fields".
How to implement that? I can't find a way to do that. I want to use just python and HTML and css.
(Feb-01-2020, 04:00 PM)Man_from_India Wrote: I want to use just python and HTML and css.
Look at this post that i recently posted.
This is the simplest way to work with HTML and CSS in Python,there is a layer below which is WSGI(an old retired CGI).
To make it very clear you do not want to interact with this layer for a simple HTML Contract form,
it's very hard because of the raw nature WSGI nothing is written finish to get values from a HTML form.
Only people who want to make yet and other Python web-framework need to study and use WSGI directly.

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