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Converting c++ class to python class
Ok, another c++ clas that I 'm tryin to convert to python:

HEADER file:
class OptionGroup : public QWidget
Q_PROPERTY(int currentSelection READ currentSelection WRITE setCurrentSelection USER true)

SOURCE file:
OptionGroup::OptionGroup(QWidget *parent) :QWidget(parent), currentSelection_(-1)
What do you think of this, is it correct?
class OptionGroup(QtGui.QWidget) :
    def __init__(self, parent):
        super(OptionGroup, self).__init__(parent)
        self.currentSelection_ = -1
        self.currentSelection = pyqtProperty(int, self.getCurrentSelection, self.setCurrentSelection)
I found the solution!
currentSelection = pyqtProperty(int, currentSelection, setCurrentSelection)

currentSelection = pyqtProperty(int, currentSelection, setCurrentSelection, user = True)
Thanks for sharing!

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