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Converting parts of a list to int for sorting
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Converting parts of a list to int for sorting
I've been struggling with this for a couple of days now
I'm trying to pull a list from a text file in the format below
convert the numbers to int and sort by the numbers and not the str.
I can pull the numbers only and get it to work but when trying to put them back in
I get that it has to be a string. Any help would be great.
The goal is to pull the lines of text sort by the number then write them back to the text file.


# text file list ['13,pops','15,bubble','150,nano','33,party','pokey']

def getIt():
    lst = []
    with open("scores.txt", "r")as file:
        data =

    newlst = data.copy()
    print(sorted(newlst, key=lambda x: int(x[0].split(",")[0])))

##    conv = []   
##    for info in data:
##        conv.append(int(info.split(",")[0]))
##    print(sorted(conv, reverse = True))
##    print(data)
#newdata = data.copy()


If your txt- file look like this (you made a mistake in the last line, forgetting the number):

then you can do this:
def getIt():
    with open("Text File.txt", "r")as file:
        data =
    data.sort(key=lambda x: int(x.split(",")[0]), reverse = True)
    with open("Text File.txt", "w")as file:
        for element in data:
            file.write(element + '\n')

150,nano 33,party 15,bubble 13,pops 11,pokey
Thanks a ton

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