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 Create .exe file for Python flask website.
Please see below steps followed to create .exe file.
1) Ran pyinstaller in cmd at folder location where file is located
2) Pyinstaller created .spec file at location, build folder(App.exe) file and dist folder(this is empty)
3) Clicked on App.exe under build folder file to launch website. Nothing happens

What additional changes needs to be done in App.spec file to launch .exe ? or Am I missing anything here? Please help.
I have never heard of making an executable from a Flask application.
However, here's a blog on exactly that subject here:
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I had gone through this solution before posting this thread. It doesn't work for me.
Thanks for the help Larz60+.
I'd convert mine to EXE and deploy is over a host. Just get "Auto Py To Exe" application. Download it locally. Open the app, insert your project location, do some setup if you want, and then click "Convert". There you go. Flask in EXE format. Plug-in anywhere that you like without the need to have Python Interpreter.

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