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 Created a plugin for our code tags
The plugin has been reactivated, and all the bugs previously mentioned seem to have been resolved.
  • [php] and [code] tags are now happily pretending to be [python]
  • [error] and [output] tags now have newlines (the MinifyHTML plugin was causing problems)
  • [icode] tags only work on a single line
  • symbols (©, ™, ®) re-enabled
  • preview displayed correctly (the problem was just css not being included in the preview page)

If anyone notices any further problems,let me know.
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Kebap Doesn't happen to me. Maybe it happened while I was tweaking the settings? Or does it still happen now?
All the output tags are massacred for me now as in Kebap's post.
Looks okay for me now.
Remember update css(ctrl+f5) browser.
Code box test:
import time

def time_code():
   start = time.clock()
   end = time.clock()
   print 'Code time {:.2f} seconds'.format(end - start)

line 1 line 2 line 3
line 1 line 2 line 3
Test of inline 13245 code.
Good catch snippsat!
Now only if I can figure out how to do that on my phone...

EDIT: Found the clear cache option in Chrome settings
After ctrl + f5, the first issue still happens (the second not). You can reproduce by quoting your post #2 here and in the WYSIWIG editor you will see italic and code rendered when it's not supposed to

Also the issue from the other thread seems to still happen (depending on browser size)
(Dec-10-2016, 06:36 PM)Kebap Wrote: in the WYSIWIG editor you will see italic and code rendered when it's not supposed to
Can't take credit for that one; the WYSIWYG editor wasn't displaying correctly before my edits either, as it only supports MyBB's default tags.

Fixing it would require modifying the code of the editor itself to add the new tags, and quite frankly, I have no interest in doing that, as I neither like nor use the WYSIWYG editor.
I might do it at a later time, although I wouldn't count on it...
We have now two threads for discussing the same functionality. In order to prevent confusion, I will close this one and encourage you to continue there:
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