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Creating a graph with ranges
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Creating a graph with ranges

I need help to find a way to visualize the a graph with the following data:
The graphic shows distribution development in the Treasury bond futures market. Value areas from the night and day sessions are organized in a special format. The "value ranges" consists oft two data points: High and low.

Distribution is on the vertical axis. Development, when it occurs, will be shown on the horizontal axis. If the value range (h-l) is higher or lower than the previous session, the rectangle belongs on the vertical axis.

Sideways rotation is on the horizontal axis. If value is unchanged or partially overlaps the previous session, the rectangle belongs on the horizontal axis.
The data can be loaded from a csv file. I have basic python understanding, but no exp in data visualisation.

Which library should I use pandas, matlab, ggplot or none of them? Which way would be the best to solve the task?


[Image: 2nivaya.jpg]
I know how to read in csv data in python and how to show/plot data with matploit and pandas in standard Candle Charts, but I dont know how to create the rectangles.
You can use a tkinter canvas, and draw rectangles within
That would be a bit involved, but you could create a pretty classy

or use PMW megawidgets to create a new reusable widget!

found this which I guess is your post.
and this again yours?

This is the first time I have seen this type chart.
It looks like a flipped histogram, or project development chart,
and also looks quite useful

You might find something useful here
Thank you Larz60+
thats what Iam looking for. Yes my posts.
Greetings Chirs

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