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Creating csv file from another file
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Creating csv file from another file
I have a file that is exported from an upstream system and data is not the same in each row.

But the main attributes in the file are below. Not all the rows might have all the attributes.


Contents in the file are as below and can only have the above attributes.

Quote:('uid=test.test51,ou=People,,o=xerox', {'city': ['Irving'], 'title': ['Application Developer'], 'mobile': ['2054444444'], 'manager': ['test.test100'], 'idnumber': ['44451'], 'department': ['National Claims'], 'mail': [''], 'givenname': ['Test1'], 'unitnumber': ['551']})
('uid=pinuser,ou=People,,o=xerox', {'givenname': ['Pin']})
('uid=jim.gober,ou=People,,o=xerox', {'city': ['Birmingham'], 'title': ['CEO'], 'manager': ['jim.gober'], 'idnumber': ['137741'], 'department': ['Executive'], 'givenname': ['James'], 'unitnumber': ['887']})
('uid=ServiceAdmin,ou=People,,o=xerox', {})
('uid=joann.kerr,ou=People,,o=xerox', {'city': ['Alpharetta'], 'title': ['Senior Software Architect'], 'manager': ['Cynthia Berger'], 'idnumber': ['0003677'], 'department': ['Information Technology'], 'givenname': ['Joann'], 'unitnumber': ['SHD']})

I need to create a csv file from this that has the data in the below format

required o/p:

1st line with header that can be static followed by the data from the above file.
551,44451,,Test1,test.test100,National Claims,Irving,Application Developer,2054444444
SHD,0003677,,Joann,Cynthia Berger,Information Technology,Alpharetta,Senior Software Architect,

Any help is appreciated

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