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 Dataframe.hist() labels overlapping graphs
Good day,

I have a csv file that has a header row. When I put it into a dataframe and run the .hist() I get a the labels for the individual graphs overlapping all the graphs. Is there anyway to label the graphs in a neater manner?

from pandas import read_csv
from matplotlib import pyplot
# define the dataset location
filename = 'Nickel.csv'
# load the csv file as a dataframe
dataframe = read_csv(filename, header=0)
# create a histogram plot of each variable 
please supply a sample of Nickel.csv (if large just a samll part please)
so code can be run
Hey Larz, thanks for getting back. So I had a dataset with 10 columns of data and the subplots of histograms had all sort of overlapping of titles with the graphs when using jupyter.

Ended up fixing it with the tight_layout method.


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