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 Decorator toy code throws syntax errors
I am a newbie trying to learn programming. Here is my decorator toy code. It throws syntax error when I call the argument function.

def boldtext(fn):"""This is the 1st decorator function"""
result = "<b>" + fn + "</b>"
return result

def italicizetext(fn): """This is the 2nd decorator function"""
result = "<i>" + fn() + "</i>"
return result


def printsampletext(): """This is the argument function"""
return "Some sample text!"

Check out Harrison's tutorial on decorator's here:
def decorator(function):
    """The decorator function"""
    def wrapper(text):
        print("Decorated function ahead")
        print("Decorated function behind")
    return wrapper

def func(text):

func("Decorated function")
Decorated function ahead Decorated function Decorated function behind
Here is how to do a decorator. You can change completely the function behaviour that way. Instead, printing its own string it prints two more.
"As they say in Mexico 'dosvidaniya'. That makes two vidaniyas."
Thanks to both Tim and Bishop.

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