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 Deployment Issues and installing
I am in a Devops position and I am being sent my first Python application to deploy to servers.

I want to note that our servers are locked down and do not allow downloads from the Web, so PIP the way some use it is not viable. We copy the files needed for install to the server.

I managed to install Python37 as it didn't require me to pull anything from the web.
They requested PYPYodbc, but my search brought me to PYodbc which I installed using
PIP Install program name.

things are great Big Grin

Then I am told no they need PYPYodbc, but when you google that it keeps bringing up what I installed Wall .

I finally found PYPYodbc but there is no WHL file to install and there is no egg file to convert to whl file.

as you can see I have figured out a lot about python stuff, when I knew nothing.

My question is, Since is a Python file does that mean there is nothing to install? The developer just has to include with their code/other files?

We use TFS as our SCM and we also us it for build and Delivery. Is there a build process I must do, or do I just copy the files to a directory and tell the developer where they are?
What I found: First on your windows machine with full internet capabilities and Python installed run pip install pypyodbc. This will install everything that is needed and will also create the whl file you will need to install on the server. It does put that file deep so you will want to copy the info into notepad.

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