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Detect if an integer ends in 0 or 5
I am new to Python.  How do I determine if a variable (it will always be a two or three digit integer) ends either in a '0' or a '5'.  If it does, I want to print it (I know how to do the print part).

thanks for looking
>>> n = '125'
>>> n.endswith('5')
if it is of type int - check that reminder of division by 5 is 0.
if it is str - chek the last char to be in ['0','5']
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Snippsat -- my variable will always be a two or three digit integer -- will your solution work? (I tried it with my variable and received a "Attribut Error": 'int' object has no attribute 'endswith'.

buran - will give your solution a shot -- once I go back to manual and figure out how to check for a remainder.

thanks to both for responding

Burman -- got it --- thanks
my_integers = [1,20,32,145,210,103]

for num in my_integers:
    if not num%5:
        print num
#list comprehension
nums_ending05 = [n for n in my_integers if not n%5]
print nums_ending05

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