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 Dictionary for Excel Data
We use Roster for our team members. I want to use Python to check the team members shift for particular date and check how much of work is done. So I'm trying to get data using Python and organize it:

- Use dictionary to store use name, shift for the particular date (The Roster excel sheet rows and columns

-Then add the efforts to the dictionary later

How can I achieve this? i'm trying to fetch data but somehow not getting the format I want in the dictionary. Could someone help?

In Excel Rows Range (12, 37) in the column (4) has all the names of the team members

In Excel Row (11) and column (5 to 35) has all dates for the particular month

I need to export this data into the dict and find the shift of particular person for particular date and also later need to append the efforts from some other source. How can I do it?

# Give the location of the file 
loc = (get_current_roster())
# To open Workbook 
wb = xlrd.open_workbook(loc) 
sheet = wb.sheet_by_index(0) 
# For row 0 and column 0 
print(sheet.cell(29, 4).value)
#for i in range(12,37): #This cells have the Names in the Excel Sheet  
#    print(sheet.cell_value(i, 4))

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