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 Dictionnary brackets issue
Hi, little issue. Could u please tell me how to remove the {} between each number and "0" in the output of the
console ? Thanks!
def fonction2_bis(n,a,b):
    import random
    r= random.randint(a,b)
    for i in range(n):
        r= random.randint(a,b)
    for item in L:
        dict={str(item): "\""+str(0) +"\""}
    print("There are",(len(L)), "items")
    return L2
>>> fonction2_bis(5,1,2) There are 5 items [{'2': '"0"'}, {'2': '"0"'}, {'2': '"0"'}, {'2': '"0"'}, {'1': '"0"'}]
You can't. That's the return value. The return value is a list of dictionaries. That's what a list of dictionaries looks like. If you want to print that return value in a way that does not have those brackets, you can do that. But you would need to to loop through the values in that list, constructing a string representation of the list that did not have those brackets. Something like print(', '.join(str(data)[1:-1] for data in return_value)) would do that.
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